This years annual presentation will be held at the Moorhaye’s Community Centre on Saturday June 25th.


U6 through to U10 will begin at 11 am

U11 Girls U11 and U12 Teams will be at 1pm

U12 Girls U13 to U15 and U16Girls will be at 3pm.

The Annual Presentation Awards are a central theme of the clubs ethos and have developed over the years to include the following award categories.

Managers Player, Players Player, Most Improved, Golden Boot, Sponsors Player and Squad Player for all age groups. with the addition to mini soccer of Best Goalkeeper, Best Defender and Best midfielder. These together with Most Committed, Most Skilful and Most Versatile awards.

The club also has special awards and the Managers Exeter league player of the year. Why we give so many awards is we believe that each player has progressed and deserves recognition for that journey. The following text is taken from the clubs charter.

“Some clubs believe that 5 awards are sufficient;

Others believe that only the best of the best should receive.

We believe that one player’s average is another player’s excellence

And that over a seasons journey all our players have improved.

That all our players no matter what their ability

are better today than they were yesterday.

That all our players have achieved, communicated, risked and discovered.

That they have committed, aspired, persevered, respected and innovated.

That they have more confidence, persistence and tolerance.

Worked within a team, a community.

Have been honest, hard working

and are developing a good attitude.

That they are accepted for what they are,

that they can share the same opportunities,

that they can bring energy and focus

The title of the award to us is not the most important issue,

Weather it a squad, best this or most that,

 what should matter is that we have improved

continue to learn and develop

that each and everyone counts.

What matters to us, is that each and everyone

is a part of our success

and that is why every player deserves and receives an award.”